The History of First Baptist Church of Pinson

First Baptist Church of Pinson has a long and interesting history. It is one of the oldest churches in the area. In 1816 a wagon train of people from South Carolina were traveling to Florida. When they came through this area where the Tennessee Road and Georgia Road crossed, the Anderson and Hagood families decided to leave the wagon train and make this their home. They named the place Hagood's Cross Roads and became the first settlers in what is now PInson. In 1818 they founded the Oldsides Baptist Church which some say later became Enon Baptist Church. This was a story and a half log and board building. The church split several years later over foot washing and some members went to Cahaba Baptist Church in Trussville, which is now First Baptist Church Trussville. Therefore, the church in Hagood's Cross Roads was abandoned and eventually fell down. No one knows how long this area was without a church, this is why it can not be established, without doubt, that First Baptist Church of PInson today is the same as that organized in 1818. 


In 1839 at least six people returned from Cahaba Baptist Church in Trussville and organized Salem Baptist Church in Hagood's Cross Roads. There were four ladies and two men which included members of the Anderson and Hagood families. The church was also used as the first school in the area. In 1842 the church was admitted to the Canaan Baptist Association which would later become the Birmingham Baptist Association and Jacob Tate was called as pastor. In 1857 the church elected its first janitor. They also voted to buy a Bible and a Hymn book.


In 1874 a building committee was appointed to repair the building. The first Union Sunday School was organized that year with a Bible used for adults and a "Blue Back Speller" used for the children. The first election of a deacon was recorded and the church ordained its first preacher to the ministry.The church had strict rules for its members: no making or selling ardent spirits, faithful attendance, no profane language and no fighting. Members were brought before the church for disregard of these rules.


In 1927 the church decided to remodel their one room building and appointed a building committee. Eight Sunday school rooms were added, a basement was constructed, a balcony opened and the front redecorated. The renovation was completed in 1929 at a total cost of $5000. In 1936 the church started another building program and added eleven more Sunday school rooms a pipe organ, a furnace and finished the balcony. Pews and opera chairs were purchased. The value of the church facilities was $20,000. The church observed its 100th Anniversary on October 29, 1939. On February 24, 1941, at 4:30 p.m. fire from an over-heated furnace destroyed the church. It was rebuilt immediately, most of the work being done by the men of the church. Services were held in the pastorium basement until work was completed.


In 1943 the church membership voted to change the name of the church from "Salem" to "First Baptist Church of Pinson" and a dedication service was held on November 21. In December the first adult choir was organized. In 1946 the first recorded Vacation Bible School was held. In 1949 and Educational Building was begun. It was built primarily by the men of the church for $40,000 and was dedicated on June 11, 1950. In 1963 another Educational Building was completed. Today this building houses the Kindergarten and Day Care.


In 1978 the church voted to build two buildings. On February 12, 1978 a ground breaking ceremony was held for the Family Life Center. The old Educational building was remodeled to build office space for the church staff. The youth took a trip to Texas and Mexico to minister and help build a church. On March 9, 1980, a new church sanctuary was dedicated. The largest attendance in church history was recorded and church membership exceeded 1,000 for the first time.


In 1988 the first Easter Pageant drama was presented. In 1989 the church sponsored a float in the "Settlers Day Parade" and the youth choir presented "Friends Forever" on a tour of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. First Baptist Church of PInson celebrated its 150th Anniversary on October 22, 1989.


In 1996 the church began a mission project to construct chapels in Romania.


David Awtrey was called as pastor in 2006. First Baptist Church of Pinson celebrated its 166th Anniversary and 10th year of Romania Chapel Project. In 2012 the church made mission trips to Phil Campbell, Alabama, to help rebuild a church destroyed by tornado and to Nicaragua to build two houses for residents of a village. A second worship service was added in 2013.